Compass Services for the SAT Subject Tests

SAT: Subject Tests (SAT IIs) are required by many of the most selective colleges and universities. Too often we find that students and parents think of these exams as an afterthought to the PSAT or SAT.

We strongly encourage you to make Subject Test plans as early in your high school career as possible. A student who can ace the Biology E/M Subject Test at the end of her sophomore year of AP Biology is a student who might get only an average score if she waits until her senior year to take the exam. Compass can give you advice or free practice tests at any time so that you can assess which SAT Subject Tests to take and when to take them.

Our one-on-one tutoring programs for the SAT Subject Tests can fill in the gaps between your coursework and the exam, cover topics on which you have grown rusty, show you test-taking techniques unique to the Subject Tests, and ensure that you are well-prepared for the timing strategies necessary for these condensed, one-hour tests.

Expert Compass tutors are available for virtually every significant Subject Test, including U.S. History, World History, Literature, Math Level 1, Math Level 2, Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish, and French. We don't sell packages at Compass; we develop a one-on-one course structure that suits you. While most students benefit from 3 to 4 ninety-minute lessons for a given Subject Test, the exact course of study is always individualized to fit your needs, schedule, and goals. As we don't require an upfront commitment to an entire program, you are welcome to opt out at any time without further charges. One reason we offer a complimentary diagnostic test and director analysis before you sign up is so that you know exactly where you stand and how you can improve. And even if you decide to then prepare on your own, we'll be glad to provide some guidance.

"Compass gave my ACT and SAT II scores the boost that other tutors couldn't accomplish. My instructor believed in me and showed me how to break down the test so that I knew exactly what to expect. I raised my Math Level 1 score alone by 160 points. I'd recommend Compass to anyone looking for the best in test preparation.

I wouldn't have been accepted to all 12 colleges to which I applied (inlcuding my top choice, Stanford!) without Compass' help."

Corinne P.